About Us

NINGBO ZKLS. IMP.& EXP. CO.,LTD, founded in 2015, is A professional foreign trade companies, import and export trade mainly exported to Europe and the United States national and international big buyers to carry out domestic and foreign trade cooperation, cooperation in production and business operations, the second largest city in zhejiang province is located in the south of the lower reaches of the yangze river and port city of ningbo east new town, 2015 formally operating company predecessor is ningbo Oriental machinery and equipment import and export co., LTD., has 20 years of experience in import and export business, annual exports $40 mil lion, staffff 100 people, has always been A class A enterprise export and tax rebate We have our own, textile, plastic hardware factory is mainly engaged in medical equipment sales, sports supplies and equipment wholesale and sales of rubber products, general merchandise, household kitchen hardware electronic lamps and lanterns is daily provisions auto plastic beauty makeup toy bags and so on, have a professional plastic products, textile products sales and technical team, to provide customers with new product develop ment to provide good technical support and improve the after-sales ser vice, the company products are exported to the United States, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Singapore, Japan, and other countries and regions, are welcome At present, the scale of the company is expanding day by day, the customers are all over the world, with good reputation has won the trust of customers at home and abroad, to promote the economic and technological exchanges with the world, enhance the friendship with the people of the world has done a lot of positive work.